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Create a Shared Direction


“Action without Vision is meaningless activity" … "Vision without action is only a dream"! (Japanese Proverb)

In a business environment which is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) working with Ben to create a “strategic conversation” can change the way you think about business and enable you to see your organisation in a completely different light… perhaps for the first time, or just for the first time in a long time.

Strategy and Execution are each side of the same coin – the key to execution is the rate at which your leadership team (and your business) is able or willing to learn. It’s your work.

“In the 21st century the only competitive advantage you may have is the rate at which you and your team (business) learn” Arie de Geus

All businesses go through stages of growth and for every business many of questions are the same. The journey for each business is unique and it is always a struggle – if you choose to be a great business (your definition) then you choose to do the work.

Ben expects business leaders to be:

• Open to learning
• Committed to action
• Have courage to lead change

Post COVID is a new world and Australia need business leaders with:

• Imagination and foresight
• Courage
• Competence
• Resilience
• And a little mongrel

Recreating your world view is an important step on the journey to building a great business.

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