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What the NBN will look like in 2020

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What the NBN will look like in 2020

….By mid-2020 the NBN will have become critical infrastructure that underpins Australia’s slice of the $US1.36 trillion added to the global digital economy by the increased use of digital technologies globally. It’s a slice that will be significantly slimmer than what could have been garnered, courtesy of the deliberate manner in which the original NBN was hamstrung…..

In 2020 the NBN should be connected to most premises in Australia with about eight per cent using satellite and fixed wireless, 20 per cent Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) in greenfield areas and pre-2013 FTTP rollout areas, 38 per cent FTTN/B and 34 per cent HFC…..
Meanwhile, by 2020, many of our competitors in the global digital economy are likely to be have completed national rollouts of FTTP using NG-PON2 that will provide customers with reliable gigabit or faster broadband connections to premises with a network capacity that Australians could only dream of…..

For NBN, the end of 2020 is likely to see its demise. It will either be disaggregated and sold off or sold off as a single entity, depending on which party forms the government, and whether the Senate decides to agree with the sale process and any legislation put forward attempting to provide the new owner(s) with regulatory certainty.

It will be end of a torturous journey for an ambitious infrastructure project that could have delivered benefits if we had the political will to stay the course. Instead NBN will be the one big opportunity that got away, vandalised by a collective lack of vision from our politicians.


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