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The search for Balance

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I have been exploring Social Media more seriously for a month now – it’s hard to believe I am still going but there is a sense of achievement – sending a Twitter – still not many followers – Blogging – placing Blog on LinkedIn and Face book – as they say in the classics– “baby steps”! Really I have know idea what is happening to it all! But the process is almost exciting –checking each site, reading, thinking pondering on my next Blog. Someone asked me how he or she could comment on my Blog – I still need to work that out!!One of the initial stimuli for this journey was a presentation to my CEO Syndicate by a young woman – who started to explain Social media to our group. In her presentation she mentioned a Web Site called Hub Spot – which did a “free” web site evaluation – and provided a report. I did it and my web site rated – below 50%. So I promptly moved on – but it provided some recommendations to increase traffic– one of which was Blogging.So my questions remain:Who is the Market for these Blogs?Who really knows? – But over 35 years I have worked with CEO’s and Boards of over a couple of hundred different businesses as they have made profound shifts (or in some cases “attempted to make profound shifts) in their position through – growth strategies – Infrastructure development strategies – capability development strategies –rationalisation strategies – acquisition strategies – in every case the Board and or the CEO/Owner was working towards creating a “better” –sometimes bigger – always more efficient -always more profitable business.In the context of this work there have been a plethora of challenges, issues and problems and there have been a range of models and methodologies I have used to work in the different businesses.As I mentioned in Blog 2 I claim extensive experience in a multiplicity of areas – in all cases I also claim some competence!So the target audience for this Blog is – Business leaders in Australia – specifically in the SME (Small Medium Size Enterprise) area – I am also especially interested in those business leaders who see themselves as Entrepreneurs – It is these leaders who genuinely change the world!To even be more focused – the business leaders who see themselves creating wealth for the community – by creating and / or providing products and services – that meet the needs of clients and customers.In this “searching” journey the challenges have been many and varied and as a way of contextualizing my writings I adapted the following model.
search-for-balance-02The Australian Business EnvironmentThe Business/ Work Career JourneyThe Family JourneyThe personal JourneyOver the years it has been impossible to separate the layers of learning – so my writings will meander through all of these issues – because those with whom I have worked have struggled to manage their personal lives – their family lives and their businesses in a complex balancing act in a business environment that was at best turbulent and worst chaotic. The many have worked with and those I currently work with – (and learnt from) have genuinely worked to be the best people they could be while creating “better” businesses– and that is the start of a great journey for us all!

Ben Kehoe

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