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This whole experience is fascinating – 5th Blog and going strong – this company called Hub Spot produces a great Blog every week with a wealth of articles – data – and I am just discovering how powerful “infographics” are!!
Really it is a data story in pictures”!
This article is just one example:
What the heck is blogging? A Sneak Peek into Marketing’s newest pastime (Infographic)

This is again a small example of the data available on this article

90%Consumers find customer content useful

60% Consumers feel a company’s positivity after reading the site

82% Consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands

70% Consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.

From the same article I now understand there are at least three reasons for Blogging – you know I knew that!! I discussed it earlier!

  1. Sharing expertise
  2. Gaining professional Recognition
  3. Attracting new clients

Having now contextualized some of my thinking – the challenge remains – how to position this Blog so anyone reads it – and then what??

I guess the starting point is the Web Site and from there my existing Email list – from that point I am at a loss – to extend beyond there and develop a following? – It assumes I have something of relevance to say to Business leaders!

What would that be?
One of my major interests over the years has been the Culture of Australian Business – I have had a lot of time over 35 years to ponder the challenges and dilemmas facing Business leaders.The debate around – Free Trade v Protection defined the country at federation so much so – the Political Parties of the day were described in those terms!
Interesting isn’t it – the debate is still alive today –in some forms – The Car Manufacturing Industry; The Foreign Investment in Australian Companies –Graincorp; The idea of Foreign ownership of our agricultural land – are all emotive issues in our current political environment.
As recently as Sat 5th October there is an article in the Australian about SPC Ardmona – an iconic Australian Company (now owned by Coca Cola Amatil) saying unless the Government gives them $25M they may have to shut down the business.
As a Nation this symbiotic relationship between Government and Business is a subtext to the last 115 years.
For some reason a narrative has been developed which says it is the Government who creates jobs!!
In a healthy functioning society surely it is the Business sector which creates jobs – the family manages the social services and the role of Government is to create an environment where all this can be done with minimal intervention.
There certainly is a role for government in key areas and providing  a safety net for the most vulnerable is one of those– but expecting the government to create jobs is not a narrative we need in the second decade of the 21st Century.
Our real focus needs to be creating a vibrant and growing business sector – the Government needs to focus on creating the environment so this can happen.

Ben Kehoe

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