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Create a Shared Direction


Once you are the leader. You are alone. There is no one else!

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Kellar

The mentoring program is a wholistic program designed to encourage you to see your life as a “learning journey”. It is a self-directed journey in the company of a colleague. The work will be planned and programmed based on your life experience.

“It does not matter what is happening in your life there is learning in multiple domains. What is required is a mature reflection on the context and the perspectives.”

While our system of education adequately addresses the Intellectual and the Physical aspects of our lives, the emotional and the spiritual elements are at best given lip service – and in most cases ignored. Characteristics of the program include:

• A focus on the delivery on whole of life outcomes
• A commitment to personal learning Confidentiality, confidence and a positive outlook
• A coherent way of thinking about life issues and challenges
• It is about you and your life

The program: is developed in conjunction with you and may extend over 6 month meeting once each month.

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