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It’s the Discipline Stupid!

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Saturday 13th december – three weeks since I blogged! My intention is to Blog at least weekly! So it is now three weeks!. The discipline is the struggle! There has been many things to do and Blogging has been the one easiest to defer.

Just committing is the challenge!

Its like many other areas of life – the dieting industry thrives (as does the fitness industry!) because human beings are so ill disciplined.
The religious systems worked it out thousands of years ago – daily,weekly monthly annual rituals – so what was the purpose? To find God!

When you think about it – successful people have many qualities and PURPOSE, PASSION and PERSISTENCE are among them.

Whether its excelling at sport ,the arts or business these 3P’s are a major part of success.

In the PERSISTENCE domain it is discipline which is the key – and a way of establishing a discipline is to create a (habit) system e.g. writing at same place same time every day week month etc. Exercising at the same time each day etc.

Self discipline is the platform – people who are successful at anything have an extraordinary sense of self discipline! It probably means they have “good systems” in place to help them!

In the many entrepreneurial businesses I have worked with  there is a school of thought as the business grows that “entrepreneurialism” is being curtailed because “the new order” (management) has introduced too many systems – it is now too bureaucratic!! This often occurs as the second generation of employees needs more structure to grow the business.

No surprise really – which person wants their freedom curtailed – even if it is good for the whole!

It is a major debate in the transition of all small businesses – CHAOS v CONTROL. (remember Get Smart!) How much of either if these is appropriate?

it really depends on where you are in the system – Freedom -Not freedom – where is the decision!!!

The real questions are: what actually needs to be controlled and in what way. What disciplines need to be inplace to encourage growth and business development?

When a business or any social system reaches a certain size and there is a need to replicate, scale (and record) it is important to have a system. It is a platform (a support)- just as the discipline for your diet or Fitness is important – it may not feel like it but self discipline rather than self gratification (or random action) builds character -and business discipline is what builds a good robust business!

In the context of this discussion how do I get it?

I recently read a article where Naomi Simpson@NaomiSimpson from Red Balloon said she had Blogged 770 times – I was impressed! It crossed my mind -that’s a serious target!

At one Blog a week thats over 14 years Blogging! Maybe  I will have to Blog twice a week?

Then Vala Afshar@ValaAfshar tweeted he had blogged over 70 times I think for Huffington Post this year-not only that he Tweets prolifically.

There is no shortage of people who have the will to Blog and Tweet – so the question remains for me – can I build the discipline – will I still be Blogging at 770 Blogs?
Now there a challenge?

Ben Kehoe

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