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It’s an Ocean and I can barely swim!

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This is a whole new experience for me. Actually paying attention to My Linked In page, My Facebook page, My Twitter account – it is a wonderful way to occupy time!! – Productive!! Who knows?Tweeting is a complete mystery – whole ranges of Tweets – on all manner of subjects – thought bubbles – leadership quotes –biblical quotes– some wise – some rubbish! – References to really interesting sources and papers –Some sites set up just seem to be devoted to just tweeting! And promoting a cause or philosophy – some “tweeters” of real substance– what actually happens to all this information – it is all stored forever!For some, it is a “stream of thought bubbles” for others a mission?The real question for me is:Who am I targeting – with what and why am I doing it?Is it possible for a 63-year-old Management Consultant – Business Adviser – Company Director – to build a business following in Social media – and is it possible to build that following into something commercial – there I said it!!Who knows the answer – and what will it look like at its zenith!! It is a complete mystery – starting a journey with no clear end in sight is not a new experience – I have done it before – and it is always a mystery how things evolve! I really have no clue how this will emerge – at the moment I just have a thought – to learn about the future – I have to experiment – and live it!It sounds “foggy”, but this is the only way I know how to get started.What I know is the getting started is the “hard” painful bit – when I started running (2002)– some might say “shuffling” – I can remember the very first run – not only hard – but seriously distressing! – 100metres and I had to stop! Dizziness – spots in front of eyes – breathing a struggle – this was repeated lots of times! Over 3 months – 6 months – 12 months – I just hung in there – then 3k – 6k – 10k – a half marathon – it took 18months – now 20 to 30 k each week and 21 HM’s later – it was all “a lot of fun’ – and an achievement!So back to the journey of social media – working out how to post my second Blog was a challenge – understanding the back end of my website – and how to link to the other media? I know there is a way to link easily but I have not yet mastered it!There is some amazing information on Twitter that I may not have discovered – links to all manner of data and information – Michael Porter – Bill Gates – Umar Haque – Tom Peters -every politician!! – Most media outlets– it is an ocean and I can barely swim – what a fascinating experience. It really makes me wonder how the “information sharing world” will be in our grandchildren’s lifetime.This is another reason I have started this journey – I have 10 grandchildren – and this is their world – how do I make sense of it in my “dotage”?With any luck at all, I will still be conversing with them into my senior years!!


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