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It is still about Discipline!

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It is still about the discipline!

There is no doubt it is still about the discipline this blog has been substantially written since 16th December – then the distractions!! too many to name – all excuses!

Really it is a milestone Blog:

1. The First Blog written and loaded Internationally!
I am currently in Munich on way to see family in Austria; Now 12 days later in Salzburg!

and 2. This is my second Blog with a title! All the best advice seems to be that this is the way to go! My last Blog is titled -Its the disciplne stupid! and this one!!

 The discipine of Mastering Social media – the discipline of actually writing each week – two very different pieces of work! Clients and friends have challenged me over many years to write – views opinions – stories about my work – it is hard to conceive My Journey into Social media is now the vehicle.

Nilofer Merchant on her Web Site – Essays -How to Tackle the Next Thing 16th December has written a wonderful piece on Tackling the next thing with a number of Lessons which are outlined below:
Lesson: Hear the tug at the heart 
Lesson: There’s no denying the costs of working on the next thing
Lesson: Decide really decide what to give up to make space for the new thing
Lesson: Find others to go on the journey with you
Lesson: Recognise it as an adventure
Lesson: Trust in your ability to grow
Lesson: Do the hard part of the hard part While it is presumptious of me to parallel my social media journey with her steps – there is something in what she has written which inspires my current pursuit.Every journey is different and as I recently tweeted -” Isn’t pilgrimage a wonderful word – we are all on one – it is incumbent on us to live and love every day of it!’

Underlying everything she has said is a concept which is implicit – DISCIPLINE – the last Lesson – Do the hard part of the hard part – there are so many sayings that we all know because we heard them from parents. teachers, coaches and maybe even our friends!
  • Nothing was ever achieved without hard work
  • Everything comes to those who wait
  • The Journey of a Thousand miles was started with a single step
  • Going the extra mile
  • That which is achieved easily will be lost the same way (easy come easy go)
  • To climb Mt Everest one must go to first base -first
  • No one ever started at top – the work is the work and it must be done
Jim Collins in his most recent work Great by Choice outlined the Journey and named it “the 20 mile march”.
For those of you who have run a half marathon – 13 miles -and I have run a few – you know that about mid way it gets tough and at two thirds!!…..! it is about Mind over Matter! It is a tough gig!
Maybe Mastering Social media is a marathon!!And for me actually marshalling my thinking to write – is an Everest! what a challenge!

The reality for us all is that Discipline is a platform off which the human spirit can soar!!

From a “poorly disciplined spirit” I wish you well on the journey!

Ben Kehoe

Notes: May 2014 bring you all many blessings and “much more discipline”!

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