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It is still a big ocean!

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It is still a big ocean!

Back in September 2013, I thought it might be a good idea to explore Social Media. Earlier that year I had heard a young woman speak about it at a CEO Forum and it was just a bunch of words – most of which I had heard about and knew nothing. After an initial foray with a web site in 2011 I leveraged this to begin Blogging. I was away:

Blog 1. My Story

Blog 2. The challenge of the second Blog

Blog 3. It’s an Ocean and I can barely swim

The journey to date December 2015 is fascinating to me– a series of hi’s and lows – some disillusionment – many challenges – and overall I think I am learning something. What I do know is learning is seductive and when you are “pioneering” something there are lots of cynics – even me on a tough day!!

Comments like:

“Why would you bother?”

“What are you trying to achieve?”

“What’s it like talking to yourself in the mirror?”

“Is it really achieving anything?”

“How many people are reading it?”

All comments and questions designed to dint confidence. (Or create challenges!) And this is a critical step in the learning journey. Overcoming self-doubt!

All of these questions I could have asked myself (and do) but when others ask them it is like an echo reinforcing a sense of futility.

So what in fact has happened?

  • 40 Blogs with an emerging focus?
  • Over 4000 Tweets with the assistance of Social Oomph
  • A LinkedIn page which is seriously under utilised
  • 2 Face book pages 1. Ben Kehoe and 2. Ben Kehoe –Strategy (focusing on the Future of Australian Business)
  • I am learning to write coherently
  • Maybe I am even more disciplined and consistent than I was.

Each step is learning and to continue the swimming metaphor I am…. dogpaddling!

There have been a number of setbacks. The first one, I just dropped the ball. I guess you would call it lack of motivation or will. The gap was a few months.

Not to be bluffed by my own lack of confidence and competence I employed a coach and it has been a great experience. Someone who believes even when I don’t!! (And someone to report to!!)

The second one was a bigger issue and the gap was less pronounced. I had a major injury and it made any work very difficult. The good thing is I did not give up. With support and encouragement I hung in there and the last few months I have been more committed and more productive! Long may it continue!

What keeps me going?

A genuine belief that Social Media is a force that is not going away any time soon. Blogging is one platform in that process and I would like to be competent in it. For so much of my working life I avoided technology and this technology world is a serious challenge for me.

It is just another way of continuing my mission articulated many years ago and noted in my Blog

Changing the way Australia does business using leading edge educational and social technology.

I believe that after almost forty years working at the coal face of Australian business I have a ‘window” on a story in Australian Business culture which is unique and worth sharing

There are many inspirational models out there to follow. Mark Schaeffer  Mike Hyatt  Dorie Clark  and Robin Sharma.

are four who I find thoughtful, challenging and give me hope. I have not met any of them yet but their writing is inspirational.

There are some great resources not the least of which are Blogs from the above mentioned people which often appear times when they are most needed!!

One newsletter that stands out though is the THINKERS 50 DAILY. There is never a day when there is not something worthwhile and challenging.

Only this morning 20th December 2015 the following was posted on THINKERS 50 DAILY:

“Building a blog following is a process, which requires commitment and a positive belief in yourself.  You continue to write because you believe your message matters, not because you need praise, validation, and acceptance from others.  That honesty comes across in your writing and people begin to trust you. The trust is what keeps people coming back and grows your loyal audience. People come to your site to connect with you. That is why I write on a weekly basis – not for me, but for my readers all over the world.  Seeing other bloggers who have the same passion for authentic blogging is refreshing. That is a stand-out blogger – one who writes for a cause, not only for applause!”

Starting this Blog (remember I am still a dog paddler) is a big adventure and when I started I had no idea about specifically what I was going to write.

When I look back on those early Blogs it is easy to see the searching as it emerges.

If you had said then that at some stage in the future I would be writing about Innovation in Australia I would have been more than a little surprised. Now over the past few months there are a number Blogs. I know there more to come.

There are big questions in the context of business in Australia and I have something to say!

Who knows what else is in the future?

But I do know that I am here to stay with Blogging, as it is a great way to keep learning!

Maybe I will swim 1500 metres!!

One day there will be a Blog about Half Marathon running – I have done lots of them!!

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