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The success stories

Herron Pharmaceuticals

As strategic advisor and mentor to the founder and CEO, and later Chairman of the Advisory Board, Ben contributed to Herron as it grew to be a National Brand.

Herron evolved from a regional Queensland company to an international company with second position status against a European multinational in the analgesics category in Australia. The company invested in novel communications by partnering with Hazel Hawke to make people aware of this emerging innovative Australian business. The Herron Brand emerged.

In the early 90’s Herron committed to becoming a learning organisation and continually extended its competence by leveraging a range of group based learning processes to develop strategy and solve problems. Adopting the philosophy of “planning as learning” Herron additionally engaged in international study tours,  establishment of an independent advisory board (even though the company was privately owned) and a committment to investment in lifelong learning for individuals and groups.

Herron exported novel formulations to Europe and Asia and licensed the use of its Osteo eze, and invested in spin out companies researching new formulation technologies.

In 2000, the company was subjected to an extortion threat. (A threat to contaminate capsules on supermarket shelves.) This lead to a National recall of Herron Paracetamol nationally.  With strong leadership and great team work the company survived, introducing new “capseal” technology, which reduces the threat of future malicious tampering. Ultimately the Herron Brand gained market leadership relegating Panadol to second place in the grocery analgesic category.

The “capseal” technology provider said that the Herron team that commissioned this technology did so “in an unbelievably rapid time, given the pressure, demonstrating an ability to work together to solve problems” etc .

Freedom Fuel

Founded in 2001, Freedom Fuel emerged as a niche player in the fuel industry, growing at an extraordinary rate – starting with wholesaling, Freedom in rapid phases extended to retailing/ transport /terminalling and led the Australian market in the renewable fuel supply. Ben worked as a business advisor and now Chairman of the inaugural Advisory Board established to manage the high growth scenario which emerged.

Power Brewing

Launched in 1988, Power Brewing is best remembered as challenging the dominance of the major two breweries – specifically XXXX in Queensland. Working with a small leadership team Ben Kehoe contributed to the business model which enabled Power Brewing to be the most productive brewery in Australia and the subsequent leadership role Power Brewing played in the establishment of the Enterprise Agreements in Australian Industrial Relations.

Wilson HTM

Wilson HTM is now a nationally listed public company.

Over the period 1995 – 2003, Wilson HTM emerged from being a relatively small Brisbane stock broking business to a National Financials services Business with a major Funds Management Division. The work involved major cultural issues and was fraught with challenges as a more corporate structure was introduced Ben Kehoe worked as Strategy Consultant/and Business Adviser over the extended period working with the senior management team as they made the major decisions which enabled the transition to be made. WHTM emerged as a listed Public Company in 2007.


1989 -1993 was a period of micro economic reform in Australia which was radical in its effect on Australian industry. Many of the Statutory marketing systems, which had existed, had decided to deregulate and move to a more commercial mode of operation. Ben Kehoe lead projects in a number of Industries as the transitions were made. Developing Commercial strategies, establishing Commercial Boards and managing the transition were major features of the projects.


Panbio is one of Queensland’s early biotechnology success stories.

As a start up, the founders were struggling to establish the business and develop a coherent strategy. Ben Kehoe first worked with the business in the early 90s and continued to work with the Board and senior management over a period of 12 years as the business grew and finally listed in 2001.

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