Australia stands as a beacon in a world of uncertainty

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…Australia stands as a beacon in a world of uncertainty, offering a stable and predictable investment environment twinned with access to the world’s fastest-growing region on our doorstep.

The 25 years of uninterrupted growth we have enjoyed in this country symbolises our resilience. This hasn’t happened simply by chance. We’ve made our own luck. It’s the fruits of a commitment by both sides of politics to ongoing economic reforms over the past three decades — whether it is the floating of the dollar, tariff reductions and the elimination of industry subsidies favouring one group over another, tax reform to reduce or eliminating economically damaging taxes in favour of less distorting forms such as the GST, pro-competitive reform of our financial, energy and utility sectors, productivity-enhancing privatisation of former public sector business entities, and, during this term of government, our aggressive pursuit of new trade and investment opportunities to open new markets for Australian exports and reduce prices for Australian consumers.


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