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About Ben Kehoe

Ben Kehoe has worked for 40 years at the edge of the changes occurring in Australia and is looking forward to leading with you in these extraordinary times. He brings the wisdom of 40 years to your journey as you create a new narrative for Australian business.

Ben has worked with 250+ organisations and facilitated over 1000+ strategy workshops. He has engaged in over 20,000 hours in strategic conversation with Australian business leaders. As strategy consultant/ storyteller, he has delivered results for business leaders and teams, particularly in the areas of strategy, innovation, learning and leadership.

A specific highlight are the many clients who have tolerated his “brutal honesty” and his other eccentricities in the pursuit of their “great aspiration”. At every level working alongside them, he has committed to learning as the platform for a building a great business.

Over 40 years he has held many positions:

  • Private Companies: Established and Chaired multiple Advisory Boards
  • Australian Institute of Training and Development (Queensland President. National President.)
  • Rugby Governance: Chairman Queensland Rugby; Board member Australian Rugby
  • Corporate Governance: Australian Institute of Company Directors, Council member
  • CEO Institute – Syndicate Leader
  • Gallery G (art gallery) Director

Ben has been married to Sally for 45 years – he has 4 adult children (and their spouses) who still speak with him and 13 grandchildren.



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