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A Return to Blogging!

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I last posted on May 23rd  – and then…. For whatever reason I “lost the will”. I really struggled to see the point – all the good thoughts, all the goals and the enthusiasm – puff!! Gone! What happened? Some one suggested it must be like “talking to a mirror!” I thought about that and maybe the sense of futility took over – maybe the idea that I needed to update my web site was a distraction – the actual stats on the number of people reading it certainly was not inspiring! So what’s different – a new refreshed web site! A “blogger’ who is more realistic about his limitations – a blogger who is recommitting to learning about and understanding this medium.

This whole area of social media is both fascinating and challenging – over the last six months I have:

  • Employed a social media coach
  • Continued to tweet (now at over 1900) @benjkehoe
  • Redesigned my web site –launched with this Blog!
  • Struggled with the concept of Reinvention –what does it really mean?
    (Dorie Clark)
  • Explored the dimensions of O Desk and (off shoring)
  • Learnt about Social Oomph – a site that manages my Twitter output!
  • Discovered I have Twitter followers world wide
  • Discovered more about linking the various Social media – Twitter, FaceBook and Linked In
  • Identified a theme which is the platform for all the work – Creating Great Businesses for Australia

It might be argued I have been quite productive! But the fundamental question for me is – what role does Social Media play in the life of Business – is it a genuine Wealth Creation tool or is it one of those “mystical” tools where you spend time and money in an act of faith that it will make a huge difference to something? ANYTHING!!

It is an interesting journey and I still have many questions:

How do I make my Social media strategy relevant to an audience?

How do I find an audience – how do I build a tribe?

What in fact is the content this tribe is looking for?

How can I use it to influence clients, potential clients and the debate about business and wealth creation in Australia in general?

What I do know is that Social media is not going away anytime soon and that in our society now any business large or small must engage with it in a productive and thoughtful way – as they say in the “classics” there is no substitute for hard work – and there are no easy results – I have just suffered a small painless hiccup and I am on the road again – look forward to Blogging for a very long time!

Join me in this living social experiment?

Remember – Discipline is the Challenge!

Ben Kehoe

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