Ben Kehoe


Create a Shared Direction

The sky is not the limit… there are footprints on the moon.

No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon | Buzz Aldrin with Ken Abraham. 2016 Buzz Aldrin Enterprises

An insightful and engaging speaker whose presentations on business in Australia are a catalyst to a “strategic conversation”.


Ben has engaged with business leaders in these accelerated learning processes for over 40 years and has spent over 20,000 hours challenging and extending business leaders to see their business through a strategic lens. These workshops are unique and guarantees robust strategic thinking.


Coaching is specifically focussed on work related issues and challenges. A coaching relationship lasts over a short window of time and is results focussed.


Mentoring is a more wholistic process designed to encourage the mentee to see their whole life as a learning journey. It is a self-directed journey in the company of a colleague.


A New Australian Narrative

in Australia

Australia is a country committed to lifestyle and recreation. Many of our cultural symbols reflect it. We have a great record of innovation, but much of it is commercialised overseas.

The creation of a prosperous nation demands a more robust and coherent vision. What does that look like? Is it possible? Business is the major platform for wealth creation (and therefore prosperity) in Australia and must play a bigger role. Many global indices rank our performance at no more than average. If Australia was a sporting team, there would national outrage.

Innovation in Australia: Creating Prosperity for Future Generations raises a number of issues to challenge the nature of the debate about wealth creation and prosperity for the future. Can business play a larger role?

Client Feedback

Ben Kehoe is the first facilitator I ever worked with who really understands the intimate connection between human endeavour and corporate ambition. any attempt to decouple these concepts in a company context is a recipe for failure.
Richard Haire
Company Director
Working with Ben was a revelation. He challenged our traditional way of thinking and business practises and moved us out of our comfort zone. This completely transformed our business and resulted in tripling the size of our business.
Des Watkins - Ben Kehoe Innovation & Strategy
Des Watkins
Managing Director, Watkins Steel
I started working with Ben about six years ago not long after I started my business. He has worked continuously with me over that time. I look forward to our meetings and the impact it had on my growth as a business leader and in turn on the performance of the business. A surprise to me in our work together was the impact Ben had on my approach to the whole of my life – my personal development, my marriage and family and the business. He is a moral compass in my 3 pillars of life; Family, Personal & Business. He has helped me navigate the complexities of business & family life and all the while nurtured my personal development.

I love nothing more than a Ben Kehoe gently spoken but powerful verbal uppercut to centre my thinking back to a place closer to reality.
Drew Morland
Managing Director, Strike Fuels
It is rare that you come across standout talent like Ben Kehoe who tells it as it is… I had a deadline of 3 months to be successful and we achieved that. Bens guidance allowed me to build a platform for continued success over the next few years. No matter how tense the meeting, Ben made sure I left with a smile and confidence to achieve my goals. He has my highest recommendation.
Kurt Vollenhoven - Ben Kehoe Innovation & Strategy
Kurt Vollenhoven
QLD State Manager, AL-KO International Pty Ltd

Ben has worked with a number of Australian companies